How a strong hotel platform can benefit your business and keep customers returning

A POS system is a computerized system used to track and streamline internal business transactions. A POS system can be used for many things, such as inventory management, customer loyalty programs, sales tracking, and more.

Point-of-Sale software can be used by hotels to control bookings, monitor check-ins, and check-outs, handle payments, and more. The software can assist hotels in better understanding the needs and preferences of their visitors as well as spotting any potential operational problems. Overall, a POS system can offer hotels a number of advantages, such as increased productivity, improved client relations, and financial success.

Integration with Hotel Property Management Systems

TallOrder’sPOS software also has excellent compatibility and integration with other types of hotel software, with property management systems (PMS) being one of the most notable examples.

The creation of invoices or receipts for hotel guests, as well as bar and restaurant customers, is one way these two software solutions can integrate. This is especially important if hotels use a system in which various purchases are added to the final bill given to guests at the end of their stay. The ability to use a POS system and PMS to continuously update the invoice for each room provides hotel guests with a far superior customer experience.

Upselling and marketing opportunities for customer management

Another significant advantage of using point-of-sale software in hotels is the increased opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and marketing. Upselling and cross-selling are strategies for increasing revenue per customer, which can include selling room upgrades or extras in hotels.

These additional sales can be made at any time with a good POS software solution, such as the one provided byTallOrder, and the information can be instantly updated across the entire system. As a result, the software can assist those in hotel management in increasing revenue generation and improving overall financial results for the hotel.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

With a TallOrder POS system, it’s simpler to provide quick, accurate, and efficient service, exceeding customers’ initial expectations. Customers will be happier and more likely to visit your hotel if you combine these three factors.

Customers are also more likely to remain loyal to your business when they are more satisfied. This can be a huge benefit for your company because it is frequently simpler to retain current clients than to win new ones. You can lower your risk of losing customers and revenue by cultivating a satisfied and devoted customer base.

Payment processing is simplified

Cash, debit/credit cards, checks, and other payment methods are available to customers at a variety of hotel locations. Such transactions are accepted, verified, and processed by POS systems. Modern POS tools from Tallorder provide multi-payment transaction features to manage bills. For instance, you can split a single item on the bill and pay with a different method, or you can deduct the order of one guest if they want to leave earlier.

Improved Promotion Management

Managing multiple promotions and keeping track of which ones are active and inactive may be challenging. You might find that running your promotions is more effective if you have a POS system.

Simply choose the products you want to promote in the software and specify the type of discount and the time frame. All that’s left to do is activate your promotions once you’ve set them up.

You can save time managing your promotions with the help of this function. Additionally, it ought to be simpler to find your promotions by navigating. You can do this to keep track of your current promotions.

Keep Customers Returning

There are a lot of other ways to keep customers returning to your hotel besides coupons and promotions. For instance, asking customers about their most recent stay experience in follow-up emails can demonstrate your genuine concern for making sure their needs are met. Other suggestions for retaining clients include:

  • Providing discounts or special offers to customers who haven’t visited in a while.
  • Using surveys and questionnaires to engage customers.
  • Having effective blogging and social media strategies that encourage customers to follow you.
  • Utilizing customer feedback to openly change customer service or other aspects of your company.
  • Invite your clients to exclusive events or recaps of events where you talk about product development, business procedures, and other topics.
  • Exceeding any commitment you make in terms of a promise or guarantee.
  • The best way to guarantee that customers want to return to your hotel is to train your customer service team to not only use the POS but to also provide crucial engagement at every level of contact.

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